HBVQ (Hand-Fed, Power Assist)

HBVQ (Hand-Fed, Power Assist)The TRIDAN® Model HBVQ Hand Fed Hairpin Bender is one of two hand fed hairpin benders built by TRIDAN® to augment our line of fully automatic hopper and level-wound coil fed hairpin benders. The other hand fed hairpin bender is the Model HBPA. Both benders were designed to meet and fulfill production requirements of lower-to-moderate volume hairpin production for pre-cut straight tube lengths.

The Model HBVQ Hairpin Bender will produce quality hairpins of copper, aluminum, steel or other tube materials commonly employed for heat transfer coil production. It is designed for production of hairpins from pre-cut straight tube lengths. The HBVQ will accommodate a range of tube diameters (including metric sizes) that are commonly employed in the hairpin construction of heat transfer coils.

This Hairpin Bender requires hand feeding of multiple tubes at the rate of three (3) per cycle. Following tube feeding and cycle actuation, the bending and bend ejection cycles are sequenced automatically and the bend mechanism recycles back to the tube feed position ready for tube loading.

The bend plane of the machine is vertical. The vertical bend cycle thus minimizes the required amount of clear floor space adjacent to the bender to accommodate the sweep arc of the tubes in bending.

The basic design of the Model HBVQ Hairpin Bender will provide maximum productivity with a competent operator, excellent flexibility and speed in setup changes or adjustments, plus long term reliability due to i