AHBM/SL – Bender/Straightener

AHBM/SL - Bender/StraightenerThe Model AHBM/SL-4 Modutron Combination Automatic Hairpin Bender – Tube Straightener & Cut-to-Length Line is one of a family, of six level-wound coil fed hairpin benders built by TRIDAN; which utilize an orbital type chip-free or chipless tube cutoff system. The Model AHBQ/SL-4 processes two (2) hairpins per cycle, while the Model AHBV/SL-4 six (6) hairpins per cycle. In addition, all three models are available as Hairpin Benders – Only.

The Advantages of TRIDAN Combination Level-Wound Coil Fed Hairpin Bender – Tube Straighteners & Cut-to-Length Lines include:

Level-wound coiled tubing is lower in overall cost than pre-cut straight tube lengths.

By producing hairpin bends from a continuous length, there are no unusable lengths when compared to lengths cut from 16 to 20 foot lengths.

By having the capability of producing only the exact quantity and length of hairpin bends necessary.