Tube Uncoiler – USB-2-2CBP

Tube Uncoiler - USB-2-2CBPThis is a special USB-2-2CBP is a Tube Decoiler Stand that is used to unreel level wound tubing. This Decoiler stand is available in 2, 4, 6, and 8 coil capacities. This special uncoiler is controlled by a microprocessor and power starts the uncoiling process. Stopping is controlled by an air-operated brake.

It is also pictured with permanent payoff coils for tube supplied without cardboard spools.

Tube Uncoiler

At Tridan International we have a variety of tube uncoilers to choose from. In addition, we have accessories for our tube fabrication machines.

  • Tube Tim Saw – TTS
  • Tube Collector Table – CT
  • USB-2-2C Tube Uncoiler
  • Tube Uncoiler – USB-2-2CBP
  • USB-2-4C
  • USB-2-6C

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