Tube Uncoiler – USB-2-2C

Tube Uncoiler - USB-2-2CThe function of the tubing uncoiler stand is to provide a device for smooth and even flow of tubing during the feed cycle. The design of the device provides controlled deceleration at the termination of the feed stroke, in order that good productivity. It also provides uniformity of tube cut length to be maintained, with minimum scrap losses.

Features of the USB-2-2C

The tubing uncoiler stand will consist of one or more pairs of coil positions. In addition, they are on opposed sides of the stand’s frame. Each position will incorporate a spindle mounted cast aluminum uncoiler hub. Also the axis of the spindles being in the horizontal plane. All positions will incorporate a friction disc-type brake to prevent backlash and provide some deceleration. The coil reels are securely retained on the uncoiler hub by means of a pointed stud on the inside face of the hubs flange which secures the carboard flange to the hub. The standard uncoiler hub is designed for a 5″(127mm) diameter hole in the corrugated paper reel; however, special diameter hubs are available.

The standard uncoiler stand will accept a maximum reel flange diameter of 42/44″ (107/112cm), a maximum width over the flanges of 12/14″ (30/36cm), and a maximum coil weight in excess of 300 pounds (136Kg). For bare tube coils (not reel-mounted) permanent payoff reels are available as an option.

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