Tube Trim Saw – TTS

Tube Trim Saw - TTSThe Model TTS-1 Tube Trim Saw consist of a stand mounted Two (2) HP-3400 RPM precision saw motor with saw blade and blade guard, pillow-block bearing mounted pivot arm with tube clamp, and motor starter with off-on switch. There are adjustments for tangent leg length and travel of the tube clamp pivot arm.

The operation is as follows: After clamping the bend, the operator then rotates clamped bend into the motorized circular saw, which trims the bend to the pre-set tangent leg length. It is generally recommended to make a bend at both ends of the tube, since this method results in minimal material usage.

Interchangeable tooling is available for the TTS-1 Tube Trim Saw, which will allow the sawing of return bends and dual 90 degree crossover type bends.