Tube Collector Table – CT

Tube Collector Table - CTThe tubing runnout/collector table consists of a specially designed air operated dump table of a tubular weldment frame design with a tube collection area. This device provides support for straight lengths of copper or aluminum tube. Without this support, the tubing can bend, creating lacing trouble on coils. As the tubes are being fed, the runnout table is in the horizontal position, thereby providing support for the tubes.

After cutoff, the cut tube lengths are pushed from the cutoff head and tension clamps by the following tubes, and deposited on the runnout table; the air cylinders, which hold the table in the horizontal plane, are de-activated, allowing the cut lengths to roll down this inclined plane into the collection area.

The cylinders are then re-activated, returning the table to the horizontal plane to support the following tubes. The operation and sequencing of the dump table is controlled by the machine’s control system to insure smooth operation.