Single Sided Conventional – SE


The TRIDAN ® Single-Sided Vertical Mechanical Expander (SE) is a production-proven multi-rod tube expander for plate fin heat expanders. Also, its design, construction, and performance features provide the highest productivity with precise control of coil dimensions, maximum tooling flexibility, conservation of factory floor space, and with minimal maintenance requirements.

Each TRIDAN Expander incorporated the design knowledge and workmanship of an organization intimately aware of the particular needs of such equipment. In addition, since 1967 TRIDAN has improved the level of performance of the Mechanical Expander. Most of all, we now see our competitors emulating such original design innovations as:

* The Fully machined expander frame
* Full Length adjustment screws
* Automatic work head clearance adjustment
* Quick setting air cushion height adjustment
* Quick change of expander rods from floor level with no tools
* Safety clamps on the length adjustment stop block assemblies
* Individual power units for each expander side (dual-sided expanders)


This Vertical Mechanical Expander is designed to incorporate the following production functions:

A.) Simultaneous mechanical expansion of all the heat exchanger tubes to a precise internal diameter. Thus forming a secure mechanical bond between each tube, the complete finned core, and the end sheets.
B.) Sizing the coil to establish the final finned core length of the heat exchanger for the correct length dimension between end sheets.
C.) Automatic belling(or final sizing) of the tube extensions to a specific bell diameter and depth in relation to the coil end sheet. Also, this tube extension belling operation provides for insertion clearance of the return bends and other brazed coil circuiting tubes.

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