Tube End Sizer/Air Operated – BTP

Tube End Sizer/Air Operated - BTPThe Model BTP-3 Tube End Sizer is one of a family of four tube end sizers built by TRIDAN. Also, the Model BTH-2 Tube End Sizer is a hydraulically powered version of the BTP-3. It uses the same tube end sizing collets. The Models BFA-2V and BFA-2H Tube End Sizers/Flarers are air operated tube end sizers, which also flare the tube end.

BTP Sizer:

All of these Tube End Sizers are designed to provide a solution to the problem of tube end belling or sizing. In addition, this operation is required when tubes of the same diameter are to be joined or for the insertion of return bends into straight tubes or hairpins, which have been expanded by the following TRIDAN Expanders:

  • Flexpander
  • Porta-Expander
  • Hexpander
  • Qual-Ekon Vertical Expander


The Model BTP-3 TUBE END SIZER is a portable hand-held device designed for the sizing of thin walled copper tube. Tubes with diameters 3/8″ (9.525mm) to 5/8″ (15.875mm). Finally, its operation is extremely simple with the operator placing the specially designed expanding collet inside the tube end to be belled or sized. Also, activating the thumb switch, and the tube end being belled to the pre-set inside diameter.