Tube End Sizer – BFA

Tube End Sizer - BFAThe TRIDAN Models BFA-2H & BFA-2V TUBE END SIZER & FLARERS are portable hand- held devices designed for the sizing and flaring of thin walled copper tube of diameters 5/16″ (7.94mm) to 5/8″ (15.875mm). Also, their operation is simple with the operator placing the specially designed combination sizing & flaring tool inside the tube end to be sized and flared, activating the trigger, and the tube end being sized to the proper inside diameter and the flare being formed.

Basic Tube End  Sizer:

The BFA-2H & BFA-2V consist of a pneumatic impact hammer with activating the trigger, air line filter and lubricator, air pressure regulator, tool balancer and air hose. Also, The Model BFA-2H is designed for longer finned length coils. Which are normally sized and flared with the coil (hairpins bends) in the horizontal plane. Compared to the Model BFA-2V is designed for shorter finned length coils. These are normally sized and flared with the coil (hairpin bends) in the vertical plane.

The interchangeable sizing and flaring tools are held in the BFA-2H and BFA-2V by a specially designed beehive spring retainer. The tools are made from special Tool Steel and heat-treated to provide long service. They are designed for a specific unsized tube ID and sized tube ID. In addition, the length of sizing portion is also preset by the design of the tool; however, the length of the flared portion is controlled by the operator.