Qual-Ekon – HE


The Tridan® Horizontal Coil Expansion System is designed to provide fully automatic coil expansion for the large volume coil manufacturer. This system will consist of two sub-systems. The Coil Expansion System, which will consist of a Horizontal Mechanical Expander of a Compact-Design and Coil Loading – Hairpin Insertion – Unloading System, which will provide automatic loading and unloading of the coils into the expander with multiple hairpin bend insertion stations prior to the coils entering the expander. Both the expander and the load/insert/unload systems will function full automatically under the guidance of a microprocessor control system.

Qual-Ekon – HE Benefits

We feel that this system can revolutionize the way in which large condenser coils are mass-produced. In particular:

This machine can produce Double One (1)-Row Coils of Unequal-Length with Common End Sheets on the return bend-end

Simultaneous Expansion of Two (2) one (1)-Row Coils of Equal-Length with individual end sheets (coils back-to-back)

In addition, it will provide an automated method of expanding longer finned length conventional Single and Multi-Row Coils (3-row maximum).

This system is revolutionary in that it will produce these types of coils at a production rate of TWO (2) to TWO-AND-ONE-HALF (2.5) TIMES faster than a conventional expander with a powered lift table, while providing improved quality and greatly reduced fin damage due to handling errors.