HVAC System Manufacturers Illinois

HVAC System Manufacturers Illinois Tridan International

Tridan International has been providing quality production machinery to HVAC system manufacturers in Illinois, since 1966. If you are producing heat exchangers and other HVAC systems, you need our equipment to get the job done. Also, we have every type of machine you need to help you build your HVAC system. We offer Fin Production machines, tube fabrication machines, coil expansion, microchannel tube processing, and lubricants.

Machines For HVAC System Manufacturers Illinois

Here at Tridan, we have all the equipment you need to produce your HVAC Systems. Our coil expansion machines offer a complete expansion solution. From high volume to low volume or large coil to small coil, our expansion machines can handle any task. In addition, we have a wide variety of fin press sizes as well. Also, we have the accessories you need for fin production such as stock uncoilers, fin collectors, stock lubricators, and stock threading devices.

Need to fabricate or bend tubes? Well, here at Tridan we have the machines that can handle that. Our tube fabrication machines have return benders, elbow benders, dual 90-degree benders, and hairpin benders. Also, we have tube straightening machines as well. Visit our tube fabrication page today, to see all the different types of equipment we offer.

Since 1966, Tridan International has been dedicated to providing coil manufacturers with durable machinery solutions. Also, we are well known for designing and building machines that provide decades of dependable operation. Commitment to high levels of customer service support has been a fundamental key to our customer’s satisfaction. 

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Fin Production In Illinois

We have supplied HVAC system manufacturers in Illinois, Michigan, and all over the Midwest. Also, we have been providing HVAC system manufacturers all over the country with reliable equipment and service for decades. Here at Tridan International, we believe in customer satisfaction and strive to provide the best customer service possible. Along with customer service, we offer parts and services for all our equipment.  You can call our parts and service department anytime at 217-554-7532, and we will happily answer any questions you may have. Of course, you can always request a quote on any of our machines or if you have questions please feel free to call us at 217-443-3592.

Finally, as a part of the Innovative Automation family, we can provide even more great products and top-of-the-line customer service.