Heat Exchanger Manufacturers

heat exchanger manufacturers

Heat exchangers are an important part of an HVAC system. At Tridan International, our products are used by heat exchanger manufacturers to build coils for their radiators.

Heat Exchanger Machines

A heat exchanger lets the heat from a fluid pass through another fluid that is cooler to cool the liquid, but they are never combined. The hot fluid is from a radiator that is producing heat then it passes through an area to cool it off.

Heat exchangers are used in the heating and cooling of buildings or engines. In addition, there are a variety of heat exchangers such as air-cooled, plate type, and shell and tube. The shell and tube exchanger are made of a variety of tubes that are mounted inside a cylinder. There are two fluids, one inside the inner tubes that removes the heat from the area, and the fluid in the outer tube is used to cool it.

Tubes Needed For Heat Exchanger Manufacturers

Our coil expansion machines are used to build the tubes inside a heat exchanger. Also, we offer a variety of coil expansion machines in different form factors. Machines such as horizontal coil expansion, vertical expansion, semi-portable expansion, and tube end expansion. Our products are essential in making heat exchangers.

The horizontal coil expansion has machines such as the Cellular Horizontal Expander (CHE), the Qual-Ekon (HE), and the Semi-Automatic (HEX). The CHE is a popular model that is designed for the simultaneous expansion and final belling of all tubes within small to medium-sized plate-fin type heat exchanger coils. Also, the CHE will help enhance your workload and make things much easier to produce the product.

At Tridan International, we have all the machines you need to produce parts for your HVAC system. We produce a variety of machines to help with heat exchanger manufacturing. Finally, with over 50 years in the business, we can help you answer any questions you may have. Give us a call today at 217-443-3592.